European Institute for Local Development realized an online event for the presentation of the European MAST project

European Institute for Local Development implemented on November 30, an online event in the context of the European MAST project so as to present the project, the platform, the educational videos and the opportunities to participate in the project.

The participation was great and various tourism employees, Municipalities and entrepreneurs participated in the event and getting more information about the MAST project as well as about sustainable tourism and new practices. The interest for the submission of a business idea or a project in the context of sustainable tourism in the competition held by the European MAST project was particularly immense.

European Institute for Local Development would like to thank everyone for their participation in the online event and EILD is looking forward to study their sustainable tourism ideas and projects so as to select the best ones that will win the prize that developed from the University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro (UPO) and it is a toolkit with a business plan that will help participants implement their business idea.

The MAST project has been funded by UfM for Employment Promotion and promoted by 5 Mediterranean partners (EILD Ngo – Greece, MACTT Ngo – Malta, UPO – Italy, UMNAGRI – Tunisia, AORADRCS – Morocco). Last month MAST launched an online course, completely free of charge, to offer everyone a short online learning path on sustainable tourism, which will allow the next generation of entrepreneurs to obtain skills and competences to produce new business ideas and/or renew their offer.


All those who will register and follow the course will be able to submit a project or business idea that will be evaluated by the partners of the MAST project. At the end, the best ideas that will be selected will receive a toolkit that will have a business plan and guidelines for sustainable transformation of tourism sector businesses. Please note: the deadline for submission of projects is December 31, 2021.

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