Presentation workshop of the MAST project with the students of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Tunis

During a workshop organized on Friday, December 3rd, at the “Ecole Supérieure de Commerce”, in the presence of students of a Master class in Tourism and Hotel Management, Mrs. Maira Fiorini, Coordinator of the MAST project, presented the Mediterranean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism Post Covid-19 project, upon invitation of the “Association Tunisienne du tourisme Solidaire”.

Mrs. Maira Fiorini presented the global situation that led to the birth of the MAST project, born in a post Covid-19 context, which saw the tourism sector being one of the most affected by this pandemic.

This day was an opportunity to present the training offered by the MAST project, as well as the different modules that compose it. This training will address various topics, such as the tourism challenges in the era of Covid-19, the role of communities in rural development and tourism, the funds and projects of the European Union or the marketing of sustainable tourism and digital communication on sustainable development.

At the end of the fruitful exchanges of this day, several students have expressed their interest in the training.

If you want to register to the free training of the MAST project, click on the following link:

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