The MAST Project Transnational Partners Meeting in Tunis (Tunisia)

meeting tunis
meeting tunis

The 2nd Transnational Partners Meeting of the MAST Project was held in Tunis (Tunisia) on 19th of March 2022.

All the project consortium members (EILD, MACCT, UMNAGRI, UPO, A.O.R.A.D.R.C.S.) were present.

During the meeting the following topics were discussed:

  • meeting tunis

    EILD and UMNAGRI welcomed the participants and presented the tasks that were performed until the meeting date,

  • All the partners presented their winners of the project ideas competition and spoke about the participation of the winners in the event that will be held on 25th of March 2022.

  • The progress made by UPO in the guidelines design.

  • The actions that have to be taken for the creation of the forum that will be included in the project’s online platform.

  • The data entry of Networking activities and the template of the letters of intent that partners have to gather was presented and explained by the team of EILD,

  • The work that was done in the context of the Work Package 8 (EILD and A.O.R.A.D.R.C.S.) and the EILD plan for the D8.2.

  • The dissemination actions and the way for reporting them (as Excel files) and the reports for the small scale events.

  • The Narrative and Financial Reporting, the actions need to be done for the final report, and the documentation that is needed for audit reporting.

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